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Who are we?

LibreCat is a group of library developers and enthusiasts who meet at library conferences such as ELAG and SWIB and enjoy sharing code to process library (meta)data.

This group was formed in 2013 and created many free and open source tools. Our project page provides an overview of all the tools the group shares with the rest of the world.

We created our tools mainly because they helped us in our own projects. We hope that these tools can help you in your own projects. We are not a company nor have any funding for any helpdesk or extensive support. The code is provided as is. If any questions arise please ask the developers of the individual projects for assistence.

If you need more information about the main Catmandu project follow our blog, read our Wiki, or join our mailing list.


Catmandu provides a command line client and a Perl API to ease the export (E) transformation (T) and loading (L) of data into databases or data file, ETL in short.

Catmandu is specialized in processing, converting, creating library metadata from various input sources.

Catmandu can process: MARC, MAB, XML, Aleph X-services, BagIt, BibTeX, EAD, LIDO, JSON Markdown, MODS, OAI-PMH, ORCID, PLoS, PNX, RDF, RIS, SRU, XML, XLS, XSD , YAML, Z39.50 and many other formats.

Want to learn about Catmandu? Follow our: Catmandu Tutorial